Tiffany Jenkins mugshotA Texas woman was arrested this week after her 19-month-old son was found wandering the streets of a Fort Worth suburb wearing only a t-shirt and a soiled diaper.

According to a Dec. 21, 2013 report, Tiffany Jenkins, 23, is a mother of four who managed to forget about her toddler as she reportedly went into their mobile home to tend with another child that hurt his foot. Fortunately, neighbor Shirley Cole managed to spot the child trying to cross the street, about 250 feet from the Pelican Bay mobile home. What the good samaritan discovered was out of a horror movie.

Cole said that when she found the child, “he had a bunch of roaches falling off of him.” Unable to find the child’s parent’s, Cole called police who took custody of the boy.

“We had a pile of dead cockroaches to clean up”, said Pelican Bay assistant police chief Stephen Combs. “He had feces on his face; he was extremely dirty. It was a pathetic sight.”

Reports claim that the boy’s diaper was full of living and dead cockroaches, and his face was covered in feces.

The boy was taken into protective custody and his three siblings were removed form the mobile home where he went missing. The children’s mother, was arrested and charged with Endangering a child.

The boy’s father was reportedly at work and has not been charged.

Jenkin’s reportedly told police that she is addicted to Vicodin and had taken some in the time frame in which the toddler went missing. She was booked into Sansom Park Jail where her bail was set at $10,000. She has since been released.