Christopher Maurice MortonA South Carolina man got busted for having some sticky fingers last month, making off with $18,900 worth of Girl Scout Cookies, according to a Mar 6,2013 press release from the Spartanburg County Sheriff.

The alleged thief, 37-year-old Christopher Maurice Morton, took the cookies from Spartanburg’s Carey Moving and Storage on February 26, 2013. Upon review of surveillance video, Morton was identified as a suspect to the cookie nabbing.

According to the media release:

On Sunday night, March 3, 2013, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office notified this agency of the discovery of 352 cases of Girl Scout cookies behind an abandoned business on Haywood Rd.

Investigators spoke with Morton who allegedly confessed to stealing the 452 boxes of cookies.

Morton was employed as a truck driver by Carey Moving and Storage since July, 2012, and has since been fired following his arrest.