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A New York guy dressed up as the villainous joker was arrested at an Applebee’s after he began threatening customers dining at the restaurant, according to a Feb. 8, 2013 story from the Huffington Post.

Aaron Chase, 24, hunkered down at the bar of a Chautauqua County Applebee’s when he allegedly began harassing people last Sunday.

According to a media release from the Lakewood-Busti Police Department, Chase was “dressed in all black, wearing a green wig and had his face painted like the Joker from Batman.”

The report further explains that Chase was intoxicated and had no money on him as he harassed people sitting down at the establishment’s bar.

Chase was asked to leave the bar several times and refused to do so.

He was arrested for trespassing and taken to WCA Hospital for a mental evaluation. The results of the evaluation are unknown.

To read a copy of the media release, click here.